Betswaps Terms & Conditions

Betswaps has been developed and provided by Betswaps Pty Limited ACN 168 905 486 (trading as Betswaps International and (we, us, our).


We are not a bookmaker or gambling service. We do not encourage wagering or gambling. We encourage and support Responsible Gambling. If gambling is a problem for you, call Gambling Help Online 1800 858 858 or your local state gambling helpline. Gamble Responsibly.

All information (including but not limited to Tips, results, statistics, data, odds, figures and fixture lists) posted on Betswaps is provided in good faith and on an “as is” basis for your information only and is not intended to amount to advice on which reliance should be placed. Your use of such information is at your own risk. We do not make any representations or warranties that any such information is reliable, accurate or complete. We are not liable for any loss resulting from any action taken or reliance made by you on any information posted or provided by us or any Registered User. You should make Your own inquiries and seek independent advice from relevant industry professionals before acting or relying on any such information.

You agree to use Betswaps for lawful purposes only.

  1. Terms & Conditions
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    2. Membership
    3. Passwords and security
    4. Tipping
    5. Our fees and commissions
    6. Information provided by us
    7. Information you provide us
    8. Links
    9. Advertising
    10. Restrictions of use
    11. Support
    12. Intellectual property
    13. No endorsement
    14. Indemnity
    15. Limitation of liability
    16. Termination
    17. Dealings
    18. Entire agreement
    19. Amendments
    20. Governing law
    21. General
    22. Further information
  2. Privacy Policy
    1. Your privacy is important
    2. Kinds of information we collect
    3. How we collect information
    4. How we use personal information
    5. Disclosure of your personal information
    6. How we hold personal information
    7. Children's Privacy
    8. Direct marketing communications
    9. Unsubscribe
    10. Cookies
    11. How to obtain access to your personal information
    12. Accuracy and completeness of personal information
    13. How to make a complaint about a breach of your privacy rights by us
    14. Anononymity and pseudonyms
    15. Changes to this policy
    16. Contact us

Terms and Conditions

Key terms

In these terms and conditions, unless the contrary intention appears:

Betswaps means the online tipping platform developed and provided by us known as ‘Betswaps’ and includes the website maintained by us and presently found at the URL,

Duplicate Tips means two or more Tips posted by a Registered User that we deem to be duplicate, materially similar or identical.

Registered User means a person who completes the Betswaps registration process.

Sale means any sale and purchase of a Tip using Betswaps (but excludes any Tip provided by a Registered User for ‘free’).

Tip means a tip predicting the outcome of any given sporting event provided by a Registered User in accordance with these terms and conditions and includes any user commentary about that tip.

Total Tip Sales means the total Tip sales made by a Registered User in any financial year (being the period from 1 July to 30 June).


  • In order to access Betswaps, you must become a Registered User. To become a Registered User, you must complete your registration details in the manner described on the website.
  • Betswaps is available only for those who are at least 18 years of age (or older if your jurisdiction requires). When opening an account or using Betswaps, we have the right to ask for information to verify your age and we reserve the right to suspend or restrict your account and access to Betswaps until your age is confirmed.
  • We reserve the right to terminate your account at any time if you breach these terms and conditions.
  • To become a Registered User, you agree to provide your name, age, email address, credit card details (if required) and any other information specified by us.
  • You agree to ensure that your registration details are true and accurate at all times. Specifically, you must notify us of any change to the registration details as originally supplied.

Passwords and Security

  • You are responsible for keeping your Betswaps password confidential.
  • You are solely responsible to us for, and assume all risk arising from, all activities that occur under any Betswaps account created by you.
  • You must notify us immediately upon becoming aware of any unauthorised access or use of any of your Betswaps passwords or accounts.
  • No data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed as totally secure. We will strive to protect such information, however we do not warrant and cannot ensure the security of any information that you transmit to us. Accordingly, any information that you transmit to us is transmitted at your own risk.
  • You must not share your password, let anyone else access your account, or do anything that might put the security of your account at risk. We reserve the right to remove your username or similar identifier in respect of your account if appropriate.
  • If someone else uses your password or account, we will not be liable for loss from that use.


You agree and acknowledge that Betswaps is a tip provision service, and we do not encourage gambling. GAMBLING IS RISKY. Neither we nor any Registered User provides any representations or warranties regarding any Tips. We are not liable for any loss resulting from any action taken or reliance made by you on any information, content or material posted on Betswaps, specifically Tips. You rely on any Tips or other information contained on Betswaps at your own risk.

Posting Tips

  • We allow Registered Users to post and share Tips on Betswaps. These Tips will be available to other Registered Users to either purchase or view for free.
  • You may post Tips in accordance with the procedure set out in the website.
  • Each time you post a Tip, you will be able to allocate a non-monetary stake on that Tip, between 1 and 10 stakes per Tip.
  • You agree that any Tips you supply on Betswaps are provided in good faith and to the best of your knowledge.
  • Tips cannot be deleted or amended after they are submitted.
  • You warrant that you have the right to post any Tips supplied by you on Betswaps. We may suspend or terminate your account if we decide in our discretion that your Tips infringe the rights of any third party or are identical or materially similar to Tips supplied by any other Registered User or group of Registered Users.
  • You agree that you will not post Duplicate Tips. We may remove or void any Tips that we deem to be Duplicate Tips. If you engage in Duplicate Tipping on a regular basis for any reason, then we may take any action that we deem necessary, including to void or delete the Duplicate Tips and deduct any stakes won on successful Duplicate Tips. The purpose of this is to act as a deterrent for those trying to cheat the system by adding more than 10 stakes on a single Tip.

Buying and accessing tips

  • You may access other Registered User’s Tips. Where a price for a Tip is specified, you may offer to purchase that Tip from a Registered User for the price and in the manner specified on our website.
  • We will retain a percentage of all Sales in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  • If you purchase a Tip from a Registered User, your username may be provided to that Registered User. We will not supply any other personal information to the Registered User.
  • If you make payments with a credit or charge card or an online payment account, you warrant that you are the cardholder or account holder and that the billing information provided is accurate, and you authorise us to charge the designated credit or charge card or online payment account for the total amount of the payment (including any GST). All payments and purchases made in connection with Betswaps are non-refundable.
  • All prices for Tips will be inclusive of GST. In all other respects, the price is exclusive of taxes, duties and charges imposed or levied in Australia or overseas in connection with the supply of the Tips.


We may hold Tipping competitions for Registered Users from time to time. These competitions may be subject to such eligibility criteria or terms as specified on the competitions page.

Our fees and commissions

  • You may become a Registered User free of charge. We reserve the right to amend or withdraw Betswaps, cease support, or charge for Betswaps or any other service provided to you at any time and for any reason at our absolute discretion. We will provide you with reasonable notice of such changes.
  • You agree to pay Betswaps a commission on all Sales. We will not charge a commission on Tips that are provided ‘free of charge’.
  • Our commission is based on a percentage of your Total Tip Sales. Your Total Tip Sales will reset to $0 each year at 1 July. Our commission thresholds are tiered and not cumulative (i.e. we will retain a commission of 50% on your first $24,999 of Sales regardless of the Total Tip Sales in that financial year).
  • Our commission will be calculated as a percentage of your Total Tip Sales, calculated in accordance with the following table:
    Annual Tip Sales Betswaps Commission
    $0 - $24,999 50% commission
    $25,000 - $49,999 45% commission
    $50,000 - $74,999 40% commission
    $75,000 - $99,999 35% commission
    $100,000+ 30% commission
  • Each month, we will remit to you the balance of Total Tip Sales (less our commission) received in the previous calendar month. All payments will be made to an account nominated by you.
  • Our commission excludes GST and any amount retained by us will be increased by an amount equal to the GST amount applicable to the commission. We will provide you (if applicable) a valid tax invoice at that time of each payment.
  • Please note that no joint venture, partnership, employment or agency relationship exists between you and us as a result of the contract between you and us or your use of Betswaps.

Information provided by us

  • All information provided by us either on Betswaps or in these terms and conditions is provided in good faith.
  • You accept that any information provided by us is general information and is not in the nature of advice. We derive our information from sources which we believe to be accurate and up to date as at the date of publication. We nevertheless reserve the right to update this information at any time.
  • Our status (and that of any identified contributors) as the authors of material on Betswaps must always be acknowledged.
  • We do not make any representations or warranties that the information, data, content or material provided on Betswaps is reliable, accurate or complete or that your access to Betswaps will be uninterrupted, timely or secure.
  • We are not liable for any loss resulting from any action taken or reliance made by you on any information, content or material posted on Betswaps.

Information you provide to us

  • When you use Betswaps you may send personal information to us. We will use, store and handle this information in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) that apply to us and our privacy policy which may be accessed here
  • You agree and grant us a perpetual, non-exclusive, assignable, worldwide and royalty free licence (with a right to sub-licence) to use, store, reproduce, communicate, publish, display or distribute content, data or information that you may provide to us from time to time in an anonymous manner. This continues even though you may no longer use Betswaps. We will only use this information for the purposes of operating, promoting or improving Betswaps, for developing other products or services, and for any other purposes set out in our privacy policy. This means, for example, that we might use this information to compile statistical information for use in marketing Betswaps, to make improvements to Betswaps, or to develop complementary products or services to Betswaps.
  • If you would like to know more about how we use, store or handle your personal information, please contact us.


  • Betswaps may contain links to other websites, content and resources (‘Linked Websites’). Those links are provided for convenience only and we have no control over Linked Websites.
  • We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices associated with Linked Websites.
  • Our links with Linked Websites should not be construed as an endorsement, approval or recommendation by us of the owners or operators of those Linked Websites, or of any information, graphics, materials, products or services referred to or contained on those Linked Websites, unless and to the extent expressly stipulated to the contrary.
  • You acknowledge and agree that we are not liable for any loss or damage that may be incurred by you as a result of the availability of any Linked Website, or as a result of any reliance placed by you on the completeness, accuracy or existence of Linked Websites, including any advertising, products or other materials on or available via Linked Websites.
  • Through Betswaps, you may occasionally use a service, purchase goods, or download a piece of software which is provided by a third party. Your use of such other services, goods or software may be subject to separate terms between you and the relevant third party. In such case, these terms and conditions do not affect your legal relationship with that third party.


  • Betswaps may in its absolute discretion display advertisements and promotions from time to time and may otherwise be supported by advertising revenue.
  • Advertisements and promotions may be targeted to information such as the content of information stored on Betswaps and your use and/or queries made through Betswaps. In consideration for us granting you access to and use of Betswaps, you agree that we may place such advertising on Betswaps and share information and data provided by you and your device (including your personal information) with advertisers for the purposes of tailoring advertisements to you.
  • Subject to our privacy policy, you consent to the use and disclosure of your personal information for the purpose of direct marketing.
  • We may change the manner, mode and extent of advertising on Betswaps in our absolute discretion without providing notice to you.
  • Responsibility for the content of advertisements appearing on Betswaps (including hyperlinks to advertisers' own websites) rests solely with the advertisers. The placement of such advertisements does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by us of the advertisers' products and each advertiser is solely responsible for any representations made in connection with its advertisement.

Restriction of use

  • You are responsible for ensuring that Betswaps is used in accordance with these terms and conditions and any reasonable instructions we provide in relation to Betswaps.
  • You agree to be fully responsible for your own conduct while using Betswaps, and for any consequences of your conduct. You agree to use Betswaps only for purposes that are legal, proper and in accordance with these terms and conditions and any applicable Betswaps policies or guidelines.
  • You must not:
    • use Betswaps in any way that is, or for purposes that are, prohibited by these terms and conditions or any laws, rules or regulations in your jurisdiction regarding conduct and acceptable content, including laws regulating the export of data to your country of residence;
    • bully, intimidate, or harass any user of Betswaps or post content on Betswaps that is likely to offend or could be construed as hate speech, threatening, or pornographic; may incite violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence;
    • use, upload, post, email or transmit or otherwise make available any content that infringes any patent, trade mark, copyright, trade secret or other proprietary right of any party, unless you are the owner of the rights or have the permission of the owner to post such content;
    • submit content that falsely expresses or implies that such content is sponsored or endorsed by us or a third party (unless you have the legal authorisation to do so by that third party);
    • engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the servers and networks relating to Betswaps;
    • re-sell any Tips or access to Betswaps to another person, make commercial use of Betswaps or transfer, sell, disseminate or distribute any Tips or any of the data, software, code, information or material made available or accessible through Betswaps;
    • use Betswaps to transmit any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time-bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware or any other harmful programs or similar computer code designed to adversely affect the operation of Betswaps or any computer software or hardware;
    • use Betswaps to transmit, or procure the sending of, any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising or promotional material or any other form of similar solicitation (spam) to other Registered Users;
    • use Betswaps on commercial software hosting services;
    • attempting to reverse engineer Betswaps or any system or offering provided through Betswaps; or
    • infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights.
  • We reserve all other rights in respect of Betswaps.
  • You must:
    • ensure that your access to and use of Betswaps is not prohibited by laws or employer policies that apply to you; and
    • only use Betswaps for purposes that are not illegal, derogatory or otherwise objectionable or that brings us or any third party into disrepute.


We may perform such services in the nature of support from time to time as we deem appropriate at our absolute discretion. We do not warrant to you that we will be capable of receiving, processing or otherwise acting upon a request for support services.

Intellectual property

  • Betswaps is the subject of existing copyright and trade marks. We own all intellectual property rights in and to Betswaps (including but not limited to all software coding, graphic designs, characters, text, music, and other materials on Betswaps).
  • You must not use any of our trade marks without our prior written consent.
  • You must not during or at any time after the expiry of termination of these terms and conditions do, or permit anyone else to do, any act which infringes our copyright or any intellectual property rights in Betswaps.
  • You must not copy, reproduce, translate, adapt, vary, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or create derivative works of Betswaps or any of its components, without our express written consent or as expressly authorised by these terms and conditions or as permitted under Pt III Div 4A of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).

No endorsement

  • You acknowledge that Betswaps is intended to provide general information only, and information posted (including but not limited to Tips) does not constitute professional advice.
  • Although Betswaps requires that users make certain warranties concerning the content they post, we do not endorse any Registered User or any Tips, or verify the accuracy of any information that users may post via Betswaps. Betswaps does not conduct background checks on any of its users.
  • Betswaps does not recommend any Tips. As a user of Betswaps, it is your sole responsibility to assess the accuracy of all Tips, opinions, advice, services and other information provided via Betswaps.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless us and our respective directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any and all claims, actions, suits or proceedings, as well as any and all losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) arising out of:

  • any wilful, unlawful or negligent misrepresentation, act or omission made by you in connection with your use of Betswaps;
  • any non-compliance by you with these terms and conditions; or
  • claims brought by third parties arising from or related to your access or use of Betswaps, including without limitation information made available by you to Betswaps.

Limitation of liability

  • Subject to anything to the contrary set out in this clause, we and any other party (whether or not involved in creating, producing, maintaining or delivering Betswaps, including any of our respective officers, directors, employees, shareholders or agents):
    • do not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage (including special, punitive or consequential loss or damage), however caused (including through negligence), which you may directly or indirectly suffer in connection with your use of Betswaps or reliance on a Tip, nor do we accept any responsibility for any such loss arising out of your use of or reliance on Tip information, data, content or material contained on or accessed through Betswaps; and
    • exclude any condition, warranty, right or liability which would otherwise be implied in these terms and conditions or protected by law; and
    • where the information made available on Betswaps contains opinions or judgements of other users and third parties (including any Tips), we do not purport to endorse the contents of that opinion or advice nor the accuracy or reliability of that opinion or advice.
  • By accessing and using Betswaps, you assume all risks associated with such access and use. We do not represent or warrant to you that your use of Betswaps will meet your requirements, that your use will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or free from error that any information provided will be accurate or reliable or that defects in the operation of functionality of Betswaps will be corrected.
  • We have no reason to believe that any information contained on Betswaps is inaccurate, however we do not accept liability for loss or damage caused by your reliance upon the accuracy or currency of any information obtained through Betswaps (whether from us or any third party) and it remains your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of any such information.
  • We exclude any warranty that Betswaps will be available at all times or that your use of Betswaps will be uninterrupted or error free. We reserve the right to suspend the operation of Betswaps, including if required or requested to do so by our hosting service provider. To the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable in respect of any action or claim in relation to such unavailability or any claim for loss or damage arising from the availability or your use of Betswaps.
  • You assume full responsibility and risk of loss resulting from your use of Betswaps and the doing of (or refraining from doing) anything suggested in the course of utilising Betswaps. You expressly understand and agree that your use of Betswaps is at your sole risk and that Betswaps is provided "as is" and "as available".
  • Nothing in these terms and conditions:
    • is intended to have the effect of contracting out of any applicable provisions of the Australian Consumer Law Schedule of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) or the Fair Trading Acts in each of the States and Territories of Australia, except to the extent permitted by those Acts where applicable; and
    • excludes, restricts or modifies any condition, warranty, right or liability implied in these terms and conditions or protected by law to the extent that such exclusion, restriction or modification would render these terms and conditions or any provision of these terms and conditions void, illegal or unenforceable.
  • The limitations on our liability referred to in this clause apply whether or not we have been advised of or should have been aware of the possibility of any such losses or damage arising.


We may suspend your access to Betswaps, or terminate your access to Betswaps for any reason, including without limitation if we reasonably consider that you are in breach of any provision of these terms and conditions. We may, at our discretion, terminate your access to all or part of Betswaps without the need to provide reasons. Termination will not end those provisions of these terms and conditions that are capable of surviving termination.


  • You must not deal with your obligations under these terms and conditions (whether by assignment, novation, sub-licence or otherwise) without our written consent.
  • We may assign, novate, sub-license or otherwise transfer our rights in respect of these terms and conditions without your consent.

Entire agreement

These terms and conditions records the entire contract between us and you as to its subject matter.


We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time. When these changes are made, we will make the new terms available to you. You understand and agree that if you continue to use Betswaps after the date on which these terms and conditions have changed, your continued use will constitute acceptance of the updated terms and conditions.

Governing law

The laws in South Australia govern these terms and conditions and your use of Betswaps.


  • We accept no liability for any failure to comply with these terms and conditions where such failure is due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
  • If we waive any rights available to us under these terms and conditions on one occasion, this does not mean that those rights will automatically be waived on any other occasion.
  • If any term or condition is held to be invalid, unenforceable or illegal for any reason, the remaining terms and conditions shall nevertheless continue in full force.

Further information

If you have any questions about the terms or would like any further information, please contact us.


Information we collect

This privacy policy outlines how Betswaps Pty Limited ACN 168 905 486 (trading as Betswaps International and and its related bodies corporate and associates (we, our or us) collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information.

This privacy policy is in addition to our Terms and Conditions which are available here.

Kinds of information we collect

We collect and hold personal and other information about users, customers and potential customers, contractors and other people who come into contact with us (you).

The kinds of personal information we may collect and hold may include your name, address, date of birth, phone number, e-mail address, geographic location, debit or credit card details and any other information you provide to us when you use our website.

We will also collect data about a customer that is not personal information, but information on how you use our page or other webpages you have visited so we can tailor our service to meet our customers’ needs, this is called ‘Aggregate Information’. This Aggregate Information can be collected and combined with other customers’ information to help us understand customers’ trends and the information helps us to make improvements that better the experience of our website. We may share the Aggregate Information with third parties to improve our services and understand what our customers want, and we can use this data for advertising and marketing purposes. Aggregate Information will also be disclosed to third parties for the third parties’ advertising and marketing purposes.

How we collect information

We will generally collect personal information about you directly by way of forms and other documents or information you submit to us (whether in paper or electronic form), correspondence you provide to us and telephone calls or meetings with you. Personal information can also be collected through competitions, referrals from individuals or other entities.

How we use personal information

We will only use personal information for the following purposes unless otherwise required or permitted by law:

  • to provide you with the best possible service in supplying you with our goods and services;
  • to answer any questions or inquiries you direct to us;
  • to provide you with marketing materials in relation to offers, specials, products and services we have available from time to time or those that we think may interest you;
  • to provide you with marketing materials in relation to a third party’s services;
  • to allow third parties to collect Aggregate Information;
  • for our internal management purposes, to manage our relationship with you to manage the payment and recovery of amounts payable to us by you or an entity related to you (as applicable);
  • process payments for our products and services;
  • for other purposes which are reasonably necessary in connection with our normal functions and activities; and
  • to display targeted advertisements based on personal information and Aggregate information. Although we do not provide any personal information to the advertiser solely when you interact with or view a targeted ad, by interacting with an ad, by clicking or viewing an ad, you consent to the possibility that the advertiser assumes you meet the targeting criteria used to display the ad and continue to advertise to you.

If we are unable to collect personal or such other information relating to you, we may be unable to provide you with the goods or services you require or continue our relationship with you.

Disclosure of your personal information

We may disclose personal information to the following kinds of entities for the relevant purposes mentioned above

Doing this allows the advertising network to recognize your computer each time they send you an advertisement in order to measure the effectiveness of their ads and to personalise advertising content. In this way, they may compile information about where individuals using your computer or browser saw their advertisements and determine which advertisements are clicked.

  • our contractors, consultants, advisers, associates and related entities;
  • any industry body, tribunal, court or otherwise in connection with any complaint made by you about us;
  • if you have provided us with referees to assist with the assessment of a potential contract between you and us, the referees you have provided;
  • third party service or product providers; and
  • other entities with your consent or as permitted or required by law.

We may disclose the kinds of personal information listed above to overseas. As at the date of this policy the recipients will be located in Australia although the countries in which the recipients are located may change over time.

How we hold personal information

We hold personal information in paper form and electronic form. We have in place steps to protect the personal information we hold from misuse, interference and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Children's Privacy

Even though we are not a bookmaker, we believe it is important to protect children from the impact of wagering until they are of a legal age to make such decisions. We will not accept personal information from minors for the purpose of opening an account. However, it is ultimately the parent or guardian/s responsibility to monitor their child’s Internet activities and if appropriate implement screening software.

Direct marketing communications

From time to time we may use your personal information to provide you with marketing materials in relation to offers, specials, products and services that we have available. If you would not like to receive direct marketing materials from us you may notify us using the contact details set out below.

If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here, by email, or through notice on our home page. We encourage you to refer to this policy on an ongoing basis so that you understand our current privacy policy. Unless stated otherwise, our current privacy policy applies to all information we have about you and your account.


Should you not wish to receive communications from us, you will have the option to un-subscribe on any email you receive from us or to indicate your communication preferences.


A cookie is a data file that a website transfers to your computer. This enables the website to track the pages you have visited. A cookie only contains information you supply. It cannot read data on your computer. There are many types of cookies that may be used for different purposes. For example, some cookies help a website to remember information about your visit, like your preferred language and other settings while others may identify which pages are being visited or offer security features. Our website uses cookies. You can set your browser to refuse cookies, however, this may mean you are unable to take full advantage of our website.

How to obtain access to your personal information

You may obtain access to personal information which we hold about you by contacting us using the contact details set out below. When you request copies of your personal information held by us we will endeavour to provide you with such personal information as soon as reasonably practicable.

We may require you to verify your identity and specify what information you require. There may be occasions when access to personal information we hold about you is denied. Such occasions would include where release of the information would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others.

Accuracy and completeness of personal information

While we will endeavour to ensure that the personal information collected from you is up to date accurate and complete, we will assume that any personal information provided by you is free from errors and omissions. You may request that we update or vary personal information that we hold about you using the contact details listed below.

How to make a complaint about a breach of your privacy rights by us

If you are of the view we have breached this privacy policy or any related privacy code in dealing with your personal information, you may make a complaint by writing to us using the contact details below and we will endeavour to respond and provide you with confirmation as to how we propose to deal with the complaint as soon as reasonably practicable.

Anonymity and pseudonyms

You have the option of not identifying yourself or using a pseudonym when dealing with us in relation to privacy matters unless we are required by law or a court/tribunal to deal with individuals who have identified themselves or it is impractical for us to deal with you if you have not identified yourself in the circumstances.

Changes to this policy

We may, from time to time, review and update this privacy policy to take account of new laws and technology, changes to our functions and activities, and to make sure it remains appropriate.

Contact us

Please direct all complaints and queries in relation to your privacy or this policy to:

Privacy Officer
Betswaps Pty Limited

Level 2, 14 Grenfell St
Adelaide, SA 5000
e-mail address: